Turning over a New Leaf : State of the Forest Carbon Markets 2014

Turning over a New Leaf :

Allie Goldstein, Gloria Gonzalez, Molly Peters-Stanley - Ecosystem Marketplace

Demand for carbon offsets earned from forest protection or renewal grew 17% in 2013 as companies and governments invested $192 million in efforts to plant trees, improve forest management, support “climate-smart” agriculture, or avoid deforestation.


With the effects of climate change already being felt from New York City to New Delhi, the fight to keep global forest carbon stocks intact, to improve forest management, and to reforest degraded land is more vital than ever. Too often, trees are worth more cut down than standing. But markets that value the carbon storage and other ecosystem services that forests provide are now channeling millions of dollars to forests every year - and leveraging other financing.

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Release DateDecember 2014
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