Scolel 'Te

The longest-standing forest carbon project certified under the Plan Vivo Standard. The Scolel'te Programme ("the growing tree" in Tzeltal language), brings together more than 1,282 smallholders, distributed across 8,946.5 hectares and 11 natural protected areas of the state of Chiapas and Oaxaca, southern Mexico. Scolel´te is a benchmark for community-based carbon offsetting.

The title of the Project, Scolel´te, was chosen by smallholders participating in the project. It is the original Plan Vivo´s Project and the name, Plan Vivo, is derived from the land use plan designed by the smallholders, in which, they describe the forestry and agroforestry systems they will implement in their lands.

Some of the achievements are: Practical experience leading the development of the Plan Vivo System, the use of the first methodology established for the carbon sequestration projects through forestry, benefits in economical and capacity building terms for 97 communities and 2500 families of smallholders in Chiapas and Oaxaca, gender equality through out all the activities developed, participation of indigenous people, more tan 9,000 hectares of rainforets and forests protected and 518,631 tCO2e compensated through carbon offsets credits sold around the world.

Other achievements: the 2013 National Forestry Merit Award (winner) & 2011 Initiativa Mexico Awards (nominee)

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Project Details

Project type:
Afforestation or Reforestation
San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas Mexico
Project developer(s) or entities involved:

AMBIO; El Colegio de la Frontera Sur; University of Edinburgh (UK)

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Twitter: @scolelte_mx

Skype: Scolelte Ventas

Project size:
8,947 hectares
Total actual emissions reductions:
518,631 tCO2e
Estimated annual emissions reductions:
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Voluntary carbon markets
Official project start date:
Standard(s) and project area certifications:
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Crediting period:
25 years
Seeking additional support from:
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Official tenure and land-use rights on the project site(s):
Privately owned
Collective or customary
Co-benefits of the project to people or ecosystems:
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More about the project's co-benefits:
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Drivers of deforestation or forest degradation in the project area:
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Project activities that address deforestation or forest degradation:
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Tenure and use rights:
Privately owned
Collective or customary
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