Stewart McMorrow

ESI is a recognized leader, both nationally and internationally, in providing services within the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions/reductions, carbon sequestration (forestry/soils/methane/fuel conservation/etc.), ecosystem services, climate change, and GHG validation and verification markets. As the world continues to move closer to sustainable growth and GHG reductions, ESI has been able to adapt quickly and efficiently to emerging and ever-changing markets. We provide our clients with the most comprehensive carbon and GHG related services. Our knowledge and experience in the developing carbon and related markets enables us to provide our clients the most up-to-date and relevant information, assuring timely and accurate service. Our environmental professionals provide in-depth analysis of GHG inventory and reduction strategies, analysis of national and international GHG markets, protocols, and legislation, carbon sequestration project development and management, and GHG validation and verification.