Silvia Gomez Caviglia

Main Activities
Executive Vice President and Partner of the Greenoxx Global Environmental Program (since 2003)
Secretary of Greenoxx NGO (since 2005)
Member of the Committee on Forestry of the Chicago Climate Exchange (since 2006)
Member of the CCX Committee on Forest Conservation and Protection (2007)
Environmental Consultant for the European Union (2005)
Elaboration of Projects for its presentation before the Technological Development Program (2004)
Development and Research Manager of Paso Alto / Uruwood (1996 - 2003)
Private assessment in the forestry area (1996 - 2004)
Main Aspects of the Mentioned Activities
Coordination of the technical areas and the area of investigation of genetic improvement, etc.
Elaboration and presentation of the forestry projects of the company before the Forestry Bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture.
Investigation of the environmental impact of the forests.
Investigation of the international pulp market, as well as the pulp-log and chips market from Uruguay and the region.
Regional studies of the structuring of the harvesting chain, transport, port, etc.
Pre-feasibility studies for the installation of a pulp mill in Uruguay, possible locations, species, wood availability, employees, investment needed, etc.
Elaboration of articles for the media and presentation in radio with respect to the aforementioned areas.
Analysis of the possibilities of industrialization of the wood produced by the company.
Elaboration of studies for the evaluation of terrestrial and sea transport, harvesting costs, etc.
Direct contact with pulp-log buyers (trips abroad), participation in seminars at international level mainly about the future pulp-log market.
Creation and development of Greenoxx Global Environmental Program (GGEP).
The Greenoxx Global Environmental Program, is an environmental and forestry program created in 2003 by engineer Rocco Cheirasco and engineer Silvia Gomez Caviglia.
GGEP, has developed two main areas, which carry out different activities Greenoxx NGO and Greenoxx Consulting.
Greenoxx Consulting has worked with MGM International from the year 2005, developing its forestry area worldwide, in everything related to the Clean Development Mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol of the United Nations and the Voluntary Carbon Markets.

Currently, Greenoxx Consulting has signed an agreement with the Dutch consulting firm 33 Asset Management, to identify Forestry and Avoided Deforestation Projects for the Carbon Markets, mainly in Brazil, Malaysia and Indonesia.
The Greenoxx Project is a project designed for the mitigation of greenhouse gases through forestry, framed in the Clean Development Mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol. It was declared of National Interest by the Presidency of the Republic and of Ministerial Interest by the Ministry of Agriculture and Foreign Affairs. Also, the CDM offices of Canada and Spain, with whom Uruguay has signed a Memorandum of Understanding, have approved the project.
Greenoxx NGO is a Member of the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX), being able to act as Offset Aggregator. As Offset Aggregator, Greenoxx NGO is responsible for the elaboration and registration of projects eligible for the CCX, as well as of submitting them for approval before the CCX Forestry Committee. It is also responsible for the presentation of annual reports and submission of the corresponding information to CCX officially approved verifiers. As Official Trader or Offset Aggregator, Greenoxx NGO is officially authorized to execute sales on the CCX Trading Platform on behalf of project owners.
At the same time, Greenoxx NGO, integrates the CCX Forestry Committee, whose main responsibilities are the approval of commercial forestry and offset projects, the technical revision of the quantification methodologies and the making of appropriate rule changes. The Forestry Committee, integrated by Greenoxx NGO, does pioneering work in establishing new standards and protocols.
Also, Greenoxx NGO has been invited to integrate the CCX Technical Advisory Committee for Crediting Forest Conservation Projects. This technical advisory committee is designed to further refine existing CCX protocols for crediting carbon preserved in forest conservation projects.
Greenoxx NGO has collaborated with McKinsey & Co to develop solutions to get investment and develop markets flowing at scale into forest carbon sequestration for the Clinton Climate Initiative.
Greenoxx NGO is an integrant of the Advisory Board of TreeVestors, Inc. a U.S.A. Corporation, an environmental investment brokerage firm based in Oak Park, California.
Greenoxx NGO has registered and sold the first carbon credits project from Uruguay, the Banking Pension Fund forestry project. Greenoxx has also registered two additional forestry projects from Uruguay.
Greenoxx has also achieved the CCB Gold Standard validation of the first Reducing Emission from Deforestation and Degradation Project in the Peruvian Amazon and third REDD Project worldwide.