Phuong Nguyen

InnovGreen is committed to employing green, advanced technology, and to utilizing international best practices for sustainable forest management in compliance with FSC. We also look at innovative and sustainable directions such as bio-fuel products, improved forestry ecosystems, bio-diversity and agriculture economy zone. We assign leading regional scientists and technical specialists to Vietnam to conduct field research towards this end. We work closely with the Government, the local communities and other stakeholders, to seek win-win solutions that bring mutual benefits to the corporation, the government, the local people and the environment.
InnovGreen has invested in setting up an wood processing factory in Thanh Hoa and processing afforestation in Northern and Central Highland provinces of Vietnam. We are one of the leading foreign investment firms in forestry and agriculture sectors with total investment capital commitment in Vietnam exceeding US$200 million.
Our aim is to afforest vacant, unproductive land into high-quality forest. InnovGreen plantations shall create tens of thousands of jobs, alleviate the impacts of natural calamities and improve the ecological environment. We also invest in community development projects and commit to actively take part in social relief activities in Vietnam.
"I don't want people to remember us because
of our wealth and business success, but of how
we have been useful to other people.
I want to be used by people, especially poor people.
Steve Chang - Founder, InnovGreen Corporation; Co-Founder, TrendMicro