Nora Greenglass

Ms Greenglass’ work focuses on the role of land use and land-use change in both local and regional carbon budgets and in global climate change. Recent projects include use of historical inventory data to reconstruct land-use change in the northeastern United States and analysis of potential impacts of policies proposed under the UNFCCC’s forest mechanisms on global greenhouse gas accounting. Ms Greenglass also works with scientists across a range of programs at the Woods Hole Research Center to help connect scientific research with relevant policy outlets. She is active in the REDD+ and LULUCF policy discussions at both the domestic and international levels and participates in a number of NGO policy partnerships. Her master’s research focused on the potential role of geologic carbon storage in carbon mitigation for the electric utility sector in the southeastern United States. She received a B.A. in geology and environmental studies from Middlebury College and a Master of Environmental Management from Duke University.