Kevin Whitlock

Over 25 years, Under the Trees' Owner and Sr. Consultant, Kevin Whitlock has been providing natural resource consulting, training, and project management to domestic and international clients in areas of ecological, economical and socially responsible forest management, agro-forestry and agriculture. Examples of projects completed: *Natural Resource Poverty Reduction Project – Marketing Plan, World Bank, Republic of Armenia *Forest Management Plan & Biomass Thinning – Independence Lake, The Nature Conservancy, Reno, NV. *Carbon Inventory - The North Fork Association, The Cedars, CA. *Bio-fuels Wood Pellet Manufacturing Business Plan, SEDCorp. Loyalton, CA. *Smallholder Timber Production & Marking Specialist – Winrock International – Technical Assistance Program - ICRAF, World Agroforestry Center, Bogor, Indonesia. *Secondary Wood Processing Feasibility Analysis - Farmer to Farmer - USAID Project, Guinea West Africa. *Fire Hazard Reduction and Property Risk Assessment, Mount Palomar and the Mount Palomar Observatory, California Institute of Technology. Palomar Mnt., CA. *Advisor - Natural Resource Management, Escuela Nacional de Ciencias Forestales (ESNACIFOR) – Farmer to Farmer - USAID Project, Siguatepeque, Comayagua Region - Honduras, Central America. *Japanese Lumber Market Analysis – USAID Project, Forest Line, Onor, Sakhalin Region, Russia. *Cross-Cultural Negotiation Workshop & Sakhalin Association of Forest Products Processors, USAID Project, Yuzhno, Sakhalin Russia. *“The Meadows” Subdivision – Revegetation & Restoration Plan, Sugar Bowl Corporation, Placer County, CA.