Kwadwo Yamoah

Ben Kwadwo Yamoah, Managing Director of Benpacel Company Limited now exploring financing source to finance maintenance and expansion of "paselghana" forest and rubber plantation development project.Mr. Ben Kwadwo Yamoah was born on 24th January 1950. He attended Accra Poly-technical and obtained a Diploma in Business Studies in 1975. Earlier, he had obtained Intermediate and Advanced Certificates of both the Royal Society of Arts and the London Chamber of Commerce.
He began his career with the Department of Post and Communications in Accra as an Executive Officer Class III between 1976 and 1979.He then joined the Mid Cities Agencies (GH) Limited in Accra where he worked as a successful Commercial Manager from 1980 to 1989.In 2004, Mr. Yamoah started to cultivate forest trees and as at now a total of 12.5 acres of Offram and Cinderella have been planted though the long term aspiration is to cultivate over 200 hectares of forest trees.